Does where you live affect your fitness?

Working outdoors gives you the rush of fresh air. At Core Fitness, you aren't barred inside walls.

During the course of your growing up years, you lived wherever your parents chose to live. You didn’t give any thought to the health implications of the location your parents chose, or if they had chosen a place that was conducive to your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Chances are your parents didn’t give it much thought either. Not until recently, has there ever been given any thought to the fact that where you live affects your level of fitness. But it does, and it’s a piece of information that is sure to influence many generations to come.
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Fitness Boot Camp


Today, we have many Americans who are obsessed with health, and yet we are a nation of obese individuals.

Obesity in this country has reached epidemic proportions, and we have more available than at any other time in history to help us control our weight. What is the problem? Why do we still have health issues, when we have some many health facilities available?

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