Working outdoors gives you the rush of fresh air. At Core Fitness, you aren't barred inside walls.

Welcome to CORE Fitness

CORE Fitness is an estab­lished per­sonal train­ing stu­dio newly located in Pleasant Hill, CA, after 12 years in Lafayette. We are a private facility pro­viding train­ing ser­vices in a motivating, comfortable environment. We aren't a health club or a gym, so that means NO memberships! No waiting for a machine to be available, no crowds, and no intimidating trainers. CORE Fitness is made up of a group of independent, experienced and certified trainers, all dedicated to help you achieve and maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. We listen to you, find out what your goals are, and design a safe, effective, and personalized program to help you reach that goal. Whether you want to lose weight, eat better, participate in a sport, or feel healthy and strong, we help you by giving you the tools and motivation. You can work one-to-one with your trainer, bring a partner for semi-private sessions, or arrange small group training with co-workers, family or friends. We do not charge ini­ti­a­tion fees or monthly membership dues. Train­ers work by appoint­ment only, so the sessions are at your convenience and that is all you pay for. Contact Us for a free consultation!